About Us

The Exodus Road (TER) is a global non-profit organization fighting human trafficking. Since 2012, TER has arrested over 800 traffickers and rescued over 1500 survivors.

Human trafficking must be eliminated, and swift action is required to do so. So The Exodus Road, based in Colorado Springs, takes on human trafficking directly by empowering law enforcement, equipping communities, freeing trafficked individuals, arresting child traffickers, and supporting trafficking survivors in the US, India, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, and an unnamed Latin American country.

In addition to direct police action, Exodus Road provides victim aftercare. This organization's work is an open statement to human traffickers everywhere: the weak need protection, not exploitation.

Humans are never purchased, sold, or exploited in The Exodus Road's universe.

By empowering survivors and enabling communities to safeguard the vulnerable, the Exodus Road team dispels the darkness of modern-day slavery.

TER strives to not only educate and equip local law enforcement to detect and apprehend traffickers, but also raise finances and awareness to help eliminate modern-day slavery.

It was founded by Matt and Laura Parker in Colorado Springs and now has a global workforce of dedicated people.